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Our Moorpark Patients Ask, We Answer: What Is a Family Dentist?Family Dentistry in Moorpark, CA

When you consider that we care for a fairly small area, the field of dentistry can be vast. From specializing in oral surgery to orthodontics that aims to straighten the teeth, there are a lot of dental disciplines and persons a dentist can choose to care for. At Advanced Cosmetic And General Dentistry, our dentist and staff choose not to restrict their practice, but instead to care for entire families. As a family dentistry practice, we specialize in preventive care, from your newborn to a grandparent.

At our office, we are the first line of defense against dental decay and disease. We provide care to families that includes:

  • Regular six-month visits to our office for a dental check-up. This includes X-rays of your teeth to detect decay, a cleaning with our dental hygienist, fluoride treatments to strengthen the teeth and family dentist examining your teeth. During this examination, our family dentist is not only examining your teeth for dental decay, but also for signs of gum disease or oral cancer.
  • Providing dental sealants to our young patients to protect the vulnerable back teeth or molars from damage and decay. These sealants are typically applied around age 8 and are associated with reduced risk for cavities at an early age.
  • Providing education to patients on how to properly brush, floss and provide any special treatments as necessary to prevent decay.

An estimated one in four children enters kindergarten in the United States with untreated dental decay, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ). By caring for patients as early as 12 months or when they get their first tooth, our family dentist aims to help parents and our youngest patients to learn the best ways and habits in caring for a child’s teeth.

If dental decay does occur, we have the instruments, training and expertise to care for you. From cosmetic dental fillings that blend in seamlessly with your teeth to root canal treatments for severe dental decay, we provide a number of restorative dental services that can improve your dental health and function. This includes removable dentures that can restore your smile and allow you eat and speak without feeling self-conscious.

At The Dental Center, we are considered a family dentist because we proudly provide preventive cleanings and dental decay treatments for families. You could schedule back-to-back appointments for yourself, your child and your parent at our office and have everyone seen in the same day. Because our patients live such busy lives, the ability to serve families conveniently is important.

If you have not seen a dentist for some time or have let more than six months go by from your last appointment, it’s time to call our Moorpark, CA dentist office at (805) 529-1000.